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Apps for Apes: We speak with Orangutan Outreach initiative’s Richard Zimmerman

by Vishal Mathur of Think Digit

The iDevice isn’t limited to humans anymore! In an extremely innovative initiative, the Redapes organization is now deploying Apple iPads at various zoos across North America. The idea is to possibly create another medium by which the apes can communicate, and evolve that into something bigger, if the orangutans do like it! At the moment, activities include getting them to identify objects shown on the display, use FaceTime for dates (!!!) and even choose what they want in the next meal. The initial indications seem to be good, because the apes particularly the young ones, are taking to the device with a lot of excitement. Mr. Zimmerman explained how they are looking to expand on this idea, and their plans on building this into a medium of interspecies communication.

We spoke with Mr. Richard Zimmerman, Director @ Orangutan Outreach about how the concept came into being, how the apes are taking to the idea, and how this can be expanded further. Some may argue that this does not affect our daily routine or our lives, but the idea and concept seem too interesting to ignore. Read on to know more.


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Foul Language Law? Not in my F@$%#& Town!

Dozens of people turned out in Middleborough, Mass., this week to curse a new anti-profanity bylaw.

Many at the protest shouted curse words and carried profanity-laced posters.

A strong majority of residents voted for the bylaw, which makes public cursing a non-criminal offense punishable with a $20 citation.

“The language that is coming from inside this building — saying that we are going to use the force of government to control your speech — is way more offensive than any particular word,” Adam Kokesh, who opposes the law, said.


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Legal Mess in Canadian Bilingual Commercial Signs Law

By ALICJA SIEKIERSKA, The Ottawa Citizen

The Ontario Court of Appeals has overturned a decision that ordered a lawyer to personally pay $72,000 of the cost of court proceedings between Russell Township and his two clients.

Instead, Russell Township will now be on the hook for $25,000 of lawyer Kenneth Bickley’s legal costs incurred to have the ruling overturned.

In Sept. 2011, Ontario senior judge Monique Métivier ordered Bickley to pay 40 per cent of the $180,000 cost of court proceedings between Russell Township and his clients Howard Galganov and Jean-Serge Brisson.

The two men had argued that a township bylaw requiring both official languages on commercial signs violated their right to freedom of expression.


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Funny Translations While Traveling

For anyone that’s traveled abroad, it’s apparent that other countries do their best to accommodate foreign language visitors.

No matter how much they try however, it seems you can’t go for too long before you find an example where they may fall a little short in meeting their desired goal.

Since it’s the thought that counts, you can’t help but chuckle to yourself and make note of it to tell your friends about back home.

The following is a short list of some examples:


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A Device To Translate Sign Language Into Speech

New technology is bridging the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds.

For years, engineers have tried to find ways to translate sign language into spoken words, and vice versa. Now, a new project may have cracked the code with a prototype device called MyVoice–a concept device that reads sign language and translates its motions into audible words.


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Worst (or Greatest?) Movie Title Translations

Titles are a dynamic part of any creative work, especially when it comes to movies.  They can be easy, literal, straightforward (Titannic) or symbolic, dramatic, creative (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).  Regardless, the objective of a movie title is to summarize in some way what that film is about, be it literal or otherwise.

Of course, what some titles mean in one language, isn’t always easily translated into another language.  This is especially true when people try to translate the title without any knowledge of what the movie is about.

The following is a list of some of the worst movie title translations ever to get Lost in Translation.